Time flies when you’re nurturing a fledgeling social venture. It’s been just shy of four months since our newest startups made their pitches at Crowdbacker 2021 and joined the Year Here portfolio. Since then, they’ve hit the ground running, generating partnerships, press and most importantly — impact. Here’s a check-in with the four businesses, Spedal; LIVING PROOF; AimHire and Dream Green, with updates and achievements from their first few months in business.


Spedal is an urban courier service reimagining the gig economy as a force for good. They offer same-day deliveries and provide a stepping stone for young people experiencing…

It’s been five turbulent months since people around the world flooded Instagram with a sea of black squares.

In that time, we’ve watched the effigy of a slave trader plunge into Bristol harbour; we’ve seen offensive tv episodes pulled offline and scrolled through a swell of hasty public apologies. We’ve heard the chants of those who took to the streets in protest and have seen heart-wrenching grief from the families of Belly Mujinga, Shukri Abdi and many more victims of a justice system that has too often delivered injustice for Black people.

Black Britons have urged the country to confront…

Year Here CEO Zoe Stanton invites you to join us in welcoming our four new Board members.

We are hugely excited to celebrate our new board members joining the Year Here family, and would like to extend an invitation to our wider friends, partners and supporters to welcome them with us.

We went out looking for megastars who wanted to contribute their diverse skills and perspectives to Year Here’s mission. And megastars is what we got. I’m super excited about the Year Here Board for many reasons; the diverse makeup, our 21st-century leadership model, and the high-quality governance we have in place to drive us forward during our next phase.

Board members: Samar Shaheryar, Sue Walter, Siddika Jaffer and Zoe Whyatt

Diversity of perspectives and skills

Our board…

Sex-ed in the UK is failing our queer youth, Anna Alexander from Split Banana explains how we can make it more inclusive.

At the beginning of every training session we run, I ask participants to make a pie chart representing their sex education. I must have seen over a hundred of these pie charts from people ranging in age, sexuality, background and gender. And the more I see, the more patterns emerge.

If you’re older, lads magazines or Cosmo probably feature pretty heavily. The younger you are, the bigger your ‘internet’ slice of the pie will be. And with it, porn. If you’re queer and under 40, Tumblr will almost definitely be kicking about in there.

And another pattern, if you’re queer…

James Teasdale becomes Year Here’s Interim CEO, supported by Anna Markland and Josh Falconer Roberts.

James Teasdale has been appointed as Year Here’s interim Chief Executive. He will be taking the reins from Jack Graham, Year Here’s founder, who announced his plans to step down last year.

James has been with Year Here since 2018 as COO and Director of Ventures. In that time, he has added 24 new ventures to Year Here’s portfolio and expanded our partnerships with Bank of New York Mellon, the Asfari Foundation, DLA Piper and Boston Consulting Group.

L to R: James Teasdale, Interim CEO; Sneh Jani-Patel, Chair; Josh Falconer-Roberts, Head of Operations; Anna Markland, Fellowship Director; Winnie Ogwang, 2020 Valedictorian

James says:

“I’m honoured to have been appointed Interim CEO by Year Here’s board. Our mission to back the UK’s next generation…

2020 revealed just how ill-equipped our society is to deal with the unpredictable.

We all know the experience of something upsetting our precariously balanced lives. A last-minute meeting that throws off your week at work. The boiler breaking when you hadn’t budgeted for a replacement. A breakup that leaves you blindsided. Most times, we’re able to pick ourselves up after these setbacks. Other times an event — such as bereavement, losing a job, having to take on caring responsibilities — can escalate into a crisis in which it is hard to recover.

‘Life Shocks’ are specific, unpredictable and uncontrollable events that significantly change the course of people’s lives. Given the current pandemic, life…

Year Here’s Head of Design, Aviv Katz, shares what it takes to thrive in the consultancy phase.

Year Here’s Consultancy phase kicks off twice a year with Bootcamp week where Fellows are rapidly introduced to consulting skills and prepare themselves for the next couple of months. By this time, they’ve been through five months of placement, which can be lonely and often challenging, either because of difficult situations or because they demand new behaviours and expertise. They’re allocated teams with other Fellows, ready to hone a different set of skills, including project management, leadership, qualitative research, service design and public engagement. …

We’re launching two new bursaries to empower experts by experience to become social entrepreneurs.

Year Here was founded upon the belief that solving social problems starts with understanding them. It’s such a simple statement, it’s almost a truism. But too often, society is shaped by people who do not have a profound understanding of the social injustices they aim to tackle, nor a deep appreciation of the reality of the other people’s lives that they impact. One only has to look to our politicians to see how disconnected our leaders can be from the reality experienced by ordinary people.

Dami (2015/16 Fellow) and Fahmida (Langdon Park School student)

Policy-making, public services, charity projects or social entrepreneurship that are led by assumption or guesswork…

Get familiar with the pressing issues present in the UK criminal justice system, and what can be done to fix them.

There are around half a million people serving life sentences around the world. This has near doubled in the past twenty years, with the US acting as the world’s largest life imprisoner. For every 100,000 individuals in the national population in the US, 50 will be serving formal life imprisonment.

Compared to the US, the UK system with its 8,854 life prisoners, or 13 per 100,000 capita head may seem progressive, but there’s still plenty to be concerned about. That’s more than France, Germany and Italy combined, and the highest numbers in Europe. In fact, there is an upward trend…

Shop small, sustainable and social this holiday season.

Introducing: gifts that give back. From our venture portfolio, we have ideas for the finest gifts made by companies putting money back into local economies and the communities who need it most.

If you’re anything like us this year, you’ll have done your fair share of shopping online. If you’re stuck on what to buy your loved ones that aren’t a) detrimental to the planet, b) unnecessary versions of what they’ve been buying all year, or c) supporting the biggest corporations of our time with their CEO’s fresh trillionaire status, then we have the gift guide for you.

Fat Macy’s Festive Hampers

Fat Macy’s is a social enterprise delivering life-changing dining. Founded by 2016 Alum Meg Doherty, each purchase helps them to get a young trainee from hostel…

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